Exercise, an interesting challenge

It’s the middle of February – already! I have been thinking about the new year’s resolutions… Often made seldom kept?
The kids are back at school, most of our commitments have began for the year. It’s a good time to check in and see how thing’s are going in your life.

For me, I am 7 weeks into a 12 week challenge to increase my health and wellbeing, some of my goals are around getting fitter and losing weight but specifically, I want to do the great Ocean Road half marathon, again, shaving 20 minutes off last years’ time. To do that, I have been participating in some group training, eating better, increasing protein, drinking less alcohol, less coffee ( mostly the hardest thing for me to do!) and cutting back on sugar.

What’s interesting is that while the scales have hardly shifted, I have made quite significant changes to my fitness levels in that I am running much faster and further than I have for quite some time, clothes are fitting better, it’s easier to get up in the mornings and overall, I have more energy.

Sometimes when we make changes to our lives, we can get disappointed when we don’t see the progress that we think we should and we can allow that to stop us getting where we want to go. It’s important to look at what evidence you can see or feel and focus on that.

It can be great to write your goals down. It is also great to write why you want what it is that you want as that can help you when things get tough. Another thing to write down are your rationalizations about why you won’t achieve your goals. Rationalizations are the story you tell yourself as to why it’s ok to not achieve your goal. We all have them “oh it’s to hard” or “im to stressed right now” or “What if I fail?” or What of I succeed?”

What we would like to do is highlight some of the team of professionals we work with on the Bellarine who can help with improving your health this year.
Owned and operated by Gewn Carbone who specialises in Personal Training, Health and Fitness for Over 40’s on the Bellarine Peninsula. Gwen is a former World Champion Elite Athlete. What we love about Gwen is that if you have injuries but you still want to exercise, she can create an individual program specifically for you.

Step into life
Owned and operated by Penny Tomkinson If you’ve tried the gym and found it wasn’t for you, then embrace the fun and fresh air in Step into Life Ocean Grove’s outdoor fitness sessions! Experience the inspiring natural scenery of the Bellarine Peninsula as you discover a fitter and healthier lifestyle with Group Outdoor Personal Training. Penny is great at helping to increase fitness levels and offering a wide variety in her training options.

Bec Percy
Bec Percy is a local Ocean Grove personal trainer that offers training in the Oakdean Estate Park twice a week Monday’s 5-6pm and Thursday’s 6-7am. With 4 years experience, Bec puts a lot of emphasis on form and technique as well as pushing you to work hard.

Freedom Personal Training
Owned and operated by Luke Leithbridge who has 7 years in the fitness industry and works with people by working one on one and in group settings to help them reach their health and fitness goals. Incorporating cycling on the Bellarine he also utilises ICE or Intense Cardio Exercise is a researched based exercise system that optimises fat loss and fitness at the same. FIRE or Focused Intense Resistance Exercise is our group resistance/weight training program, where you will be able to achieve that body you’ve always wanted. “We train together as a group to encourage, motivate and support.” Says Luke.

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