When I first came to OG massage, I had been suffering severe hip pain for close to 12 months. After multiple tests,
back and forth to my GP, I was told I had hip degeneration but was to young for a hip replacement and put on panadine
forte and prescription Anti inflammatories.
I was also unable to sleep comfortably, often waking through the night in pain.

I have now had some massage treatment to the affected area as well as seen the Osteopath.
The team recommended for me to take Mag Phos for muscle cramps which I have been taking at night to ease pain.
In the last 2 weeks I have not needed my heavy pain medication, instead I’m using mag phos as I need them every 3rd night.

I am now pain free and sleeping most nights comfortably.

Ralene Holton

I have massage because it just keeps me going!

L. AbsolumRetiree

This is the first time I have had no arm/ hand pain and numbness in many years. I didn’t think it was possible!
Now that I have achieved pain free arms and hands, I want to keep it that way. I also in general feel wonderful afterwards!


After being troubled with a painful lower back for sometime, walking had became difficult as well as making it impossible to bend unaided. I was recommended to try massage, I wasn’t sure if it would help, but I decided that perhaps I should give it a go and at best, it might give me some relief. The initial visit proved valuable as although my therapist, Ryan, was quite firm, I can now bend pain free and most of my back pain is gone. It is the first time in many years I have had such relief. I was so thrilled that I have made another appointment and am very much looking forward to it!

Keith Rickards, 83

I first attended Ocean Grove Remedial Massage Centre in late 2011 with severe back and neck stiffness causing constant headaches and poor sleep quality. I had been treated by remedial massage therapists on an occasional basis for over a decade and approached the process as a way to temporarily reduce my pain and stiffness. Elicia Crook was very warm and engaging and completed a thorough history as well as asking questions to determine what results I would regard as successful. I remember telling her that I didn’t expect my back health to ever improve and that it was something that I expected to have to continue to manage throughout my life. Over the coming weeks and months Elicia worked to relieve my acute problems while also gently influencing my attitudes to health from aiming for a lack of pain to aspiring to flourish.

Elicia and I built a trusting relationship which included informal conversations about our personal and professional roles as well as discussions about allied and complementary health options that may help me.

I have a Bachelor of Science qualification and had previously looked to traditional medicine for most of my health interventions. Prompted by a suggestion from Elicia I tried a topical cream containing plant extracts which has been incredibly successful in reducing the severity of my menstrual pain. I have seen many GPs and specialists over 15 years, have had ultrasounds, tried several contraceptive pills and pain killers and had resigned myself to the fact that I would be incapacitated for 2 days per month and that the only potential cure available to me was pregnancy. It is not an exaggeration to say that this cream has changed my life.

Throughout 2012 I continued to see Elicia on a regular basis and enjoyed the incorporation of Bowen Therapy and cranio-facial techniques into our remedial massage sessions. I was impressed by Elicia’s professionalism and dedication to her clients and staff when an IT failure disrupted the centre’s booking system – this was a great example of how a business can take advantage of a challenging situation by turning it into an opportunity to impress your clients and increase their satisfaction and loyalty.

Geelong, Aged 32

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