Breakthrough With NLP

NLP or Nero Linguistic programming looks at how language affects behavior.

Sometimes we hit a road block in our lives. We are going along and something happens that we don’t know how to navigate. It might be in health, relationships, mental health, or chronic pain, some external circumstances happen to us and we have some beliefs and values that seem to conflict with what’s happening – BUT I REALLY WANT TO TRAIN for this event, so why did I get injured or if I could just get rid of this pain then I could… If only that person didn’t treat me like that then I wouldn’t get so down etc.

In a nutshell (and with the understanding that it is so much more than this) it is studying patterns of language that seem to be linked to patterns of behavior and results. Such as how to be a great athlete, have you ever wondered how come this person can get that cool result and even when I try I don’t get it? Then if you want to get the same results NLP can show you how to know the ‘language’ you need to use – and by language we are not just talking about words, it means any techniques that we use to communicate to ourselves or others.

I think of NLP as like the classes you need to learn before you read any recipe books – it’s where you learn the difference between boiling and baking, stirring and whisking, etc. Which I guess means what I am saying in a nutshell is it is a set of techniques you can use to shortcut learning, changing and transforming things you want to change. Turns out this nutshell is a pretty big one

I learned NLP to support my mission which is to Inspire Exceptional Health, with the understanding that what we think directly correlates to our behavior. I have seen this in my clinic for years – why do some people experience intense amounts of pain, while others with a very similar condition do not – it almost doesn’t make sense unless you look at the body and mind as totally connected.

An NLP session usually lasts for 1-2 hours and can be done in a series of 3 or 6 sessions over a few weeks or it can be done all at once in what we call a Breakthrough Day – we start in the morning and we don’t stop until the problem is resolved.

I have experienced both of these myself and found them to be incredibly life changing. They can bring clarity your life as well as be freeing and liberating as you set goals and actually achieve them, breaking through to become the best version of you.