3 Ways To Keep Moving With Massage and Make 2016 Your BEST Year Yet

So, today it the first week of February! You might be one of the many people who decided to get fit and stay active this year….

But the problem at this point is, now that you have gotten yourself moving, thing are starting to hurt and places you didn’t even remember existed that are now reminding you of all that exercise!

Here’s how massage can help:

1. Massage increases much needed blood flow which brings oxygen to the muscles and flushes any toxins that have built up away.
2. When a muscle is in shortened position, and its chronically contracted, it has less strength, so during a massage, we lengthen the muscles fibres which help you to stay stronger and get more benefit from the exersise you’re doing.
3. Massage feel GOOD! Sometimes, exercise can be a hard slog and it can take time for us to build the neural pathways of “exercise is fun and I enjoy it” and massage is an awesome reward for hard work and we are more likely to continue when we have healthy rewards to look forward to.

All you have to do is to get some regular treatment as part of your amazing health routine to really help your body along which will ensure you continue to move.

The awesome thing is, sometimes people have massage BEFORE they start getting their bodies moving so if you’re yet to begin your get moving strategies, then massage can be a great place to start. It makes it easier to move when you feel relaxed and have more comfort in your body!